Bose on asutatud  1964 aastal ja sellest ajast on Bose olnud areneva tehnoloogia  tulemusena mitmete audiostandardite muutja.Selle tulemusena on Bosest saanud üks ülemaailmselt tunnustatud nimi kvaliteetheli  ja helilahenduste valdkonnas. Võib julgelt öelda ,et Bosel on lahenduste valik kodust  kosmoseni.

Loewe's company history.

The Loewe brand values have been shaped consistently over a long period of time. It all began in Berlin in 1923, with the brothers Dr. Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe. Since then, one principle has always been adhered to: setting new standards with innovation for the senses.

Loewe established an impressive level of quality as early as 1931, with the first public television transmission worldwide. Loewe has been producing quality made in Germany at its location in Kronach since 1948. In the last 20 years, in addition to the Art 1 from 1985 becoming a design classic, Loewe has received numerous national and international awards.

In 2005, Loewe became the leading premium flat screen television provider. It made its breakthrough with the Loewe Individual: the first flat screen television with individualised housing versions, set-up options and inset colours. In 2007, with the Loewe Connect, Loewe heralded a new, digital television age where non-system end devices could be connected to a flat screen television set. This marks a new step towards the future.


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